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  • WINEGARD TR-1518 Carryout¨ Tripod Mount

    Compatible with both Winegard¨ Carryout¨ portable antennas: GM-1518 & GM-MP1; Adjustable height & level settings of 14.5"-22"; Quickly disassembles for compact storage; 2-year parts warranty & 1-year labor warranty;
  • WINEGARD SW-0012 Antenna Mounts & Kits (Gable end mount)

    For mounting TV antenna to roof gable; Adjustable 48"-60" to fit most roofs ; Provides a secure mount by holding the mast in 2 places ; Gable end mount; Does...
  • WINEGARD SW-0010 Antenna Mounts & Kits (Tripod mount)

    Tripods & masts more than 10ft should be guy wired ; Pitch pads are recommended but not included;
  • WINEGARD SF1000 Satellite Finder

    Meter with audio tone helps align satellite antenna properly; For manual satellite antennas;
  • WINEGARD RK-2000 Roof Mount Kit

    Optional roof mount kit for Pathwayª X1 or Carryout¨ G2 portable satellite TV antenna ; Mount permanently converts Pathwayª X1 or Carryout¨ G2 to roof; Simple to install by removing...
  • WINEGARD PA6002R Pathwayª X2 Automatic Portable Satellite TV Antenna with DISH¨ ViPª 211z Receiver

    Designed to work exclusively with DISH¨ programming; Equipped with a large, 18in reflector; X2 has the unique ability to access both Western or Eastern Arcs for maximum SD/HD DISH¨ programming...
  • WINEGARD MT-SM10 Permanent Fixed Mount

    Durable & built to last in harsh trucking environment; Powder coated for maximum rust resistance & paintable to match the cab; 2 antenna-mount location options; Extends 16.5" from cab; Weight:...
  • WINEGARD MS-3005 MetroStar¨ Digital 360 Antenna

    Omnidirectional reception ; Built-in preamp ; Easily installed ; Low-profile design ; Includes head-mounting hardware, power supply & injector;
  • WINEGARD HDA-200 24dB Digital Distribution Amp

    Single RF input; 24dB gain; Single RF output with a 5MHz-42MHz, 2-way bi-pass at +12dB gain; 20dB switchable FM trap & return path; 0dB-18dB gain control; Adjustable gain; Includes power...
  • WINEGARD HDA-100 15dB Digital Distribution Amp

    Used to overcome signal loss in coaxial running from antenna to TV; Low-noise distribution amp; 54MHz-1,000MHz; 15dB gain; Includes power supply & inserter;
  • WINEGARD HD8200U HDTV Deep Fringe Antenna (65m Range)

    All-channel UHF/H-VHF/Lo-VHF antenna; Range: 65 miles; Surface-mount coupler board provides ultra-efficient transfer of signal; Heavy-duty platinum line; Long lasting & provides superior performance; Boom length: 168.25"; Max width: 110"; Vertical...
  • WINEGARD HD7694P HDTV High-Band VHF/UHF Deep Fringe Antenna (45m Range)

    High UHF/VHF antenna; Heavy-duty platinum line; Long-lasting durability & superior performance; Mounting hardware;
  • WINEGARD HD7000R High VHF/UHF Short Range Antenna

    5 VHF & 5 UHF elements ; 32.75" boom length ; 54MHz-806MHz ; HDTV reception up to 30 miles from a tower ; Uniform gain curve & increased front to...
  • WINEGARD HD-6010 HD Radioª FM Antenna

    Designed for receiving signals in all directions; Compact design recommended for city & suburban reception areas; Mounts to max 2" dia; 300ohm output/75ohm transformer; 0dB gain; 2 active elements; 10"...
  • WINEGARD GS-WING Sensar¨ Amplified DTV Upgrade

    Amplified UHF/VHF antenna; Extended-wing design provides superior VHF reception & strong UHF reception; Built-in digital preamp amplifies signal; Gray housing & elements; Includes power supply, hardware & easy to install...
  • WINEGARD GS-2200 Sensar¨ III Amplified HD Antenna

    Amplified HD antenna; Extended-wing design provides superior VHF reception & strong UHF reception; Receives Lo-VHF, H-VHF & UHF signals; Built-in digital preamp amplifies signal; Includes power supply, coaxial jumper, coaxial...
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